Wednesday, April 10, 2013

G, 3G Network?

In the beginning of this year, I undertook a personal challenge to read through the alphabet. I made sure it wasn't too difficult in order to fit in all the good reading that I wanted to get to that had been piling up while I read challenge books and group reads. I decided that this was the year that I would read what I wanted. The alphabet challenge has become a fun vehicle to do that.

3 Things pertaining to the 3 books that I read for the letter "G" of my Alphabet Challenge.

#1G          Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

(1) Got to take this survey.
Great Expectations Survey

(2) Will this quiz getcha?
Great Expectations Quiz


(3) Great Expectations has a little bit of everything...
Look how  Great Expectations matches up in variety of content against four other popular books of the 1860s decade.

TitlePub DateMysteryRomance HorrorAdventure
Great Expectations1860xxxx
Little Women1868x
Woman in White1860xx
Uncle Silas1864xxx
War and Peace1869x

#2G        Gladwell, Malcolm Gladwell... (One of my favorite authors!!) 

(1) Gobs of Gladwell . (Find a treasure trove of archived New Yorker articles!)
Great Gallopin' Gladwells, you gotta look here!

(2) Gladwell is in good company with his big hair.


Malcolm Gladwell

Peter Frampton

(3) Groovy! Gladwell live.
Glad (for you folks across the pond. )

#3G          Georgia (the country)

(1) Geography.

(2) Gorgeous view. Georgia trivia.

*Total area: 26,911 square miles
*Form of government: Republic
*Became a kingdom in 4 B.C.
*Population: 4,570,934 (2012)
*Monetary unit: Lari
*Gained independence from USSR on April 6,1991

(3) Good book: A Time of Miracles

A Time of Miracles

My name is Blaise Fortune and I am a citizen of the French Republic. It's the pure and simple truth.

So A Time of Miracles introduces the reader into the life of the refugees, Blaise (Koumail) and Gloria. Blaise, a young boy and Gloria, his guardian, find themselves on the run again and again as Russian soldiers approach. It seems they can't settle anywhere for any period of time!

Despair, she says, is more dangerous and more clever than the Armenian who knocked out Sergei. It is invisible and slips into everything. If you don't fight against it, it nibbles at your soul. But how do you know if you caught a despair if you can't even see it? I wonder.

Rather than focusing only on how Blaise and Gloria survive, the book centers on topics practical for refugees such as despair,hope,loyalty, coping, living when there is little for which to live. As Gloria weaves her hope-inspiring magic when Blaise tires of running, the question arises are some lies necessary if they inspire hope?

A positive book, not depressing in spite of the setting, it is a nicely crafted YA story (179 pages) that can easily be read in an afternoon.

4 out of 5 stars

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Up next: The letter "H" for my alphabet challenge. Look for a review of another newly published book plus a chance to get acquainted with the woman who mapped the ocean floor.  See you next week!

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